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Great Wave is a professional tracking, mixing and mastering studio in Cincinnati owned and operated by Joshua Deitner. The cozy live room is ample for most live band situations, and boasts a collection of unique pianos, organs, analog synthesizers, drums, guitars, amps and other instruments. Digital multitrack recording utilizes a 48-channel analogue console and a curated collection of high quality microphones.              

Joshua has been recording music for over 20 years, and he earned Associate's Degrees in Music Recording Technology and Music Performance, as well as a Bachelor of Music. He doubles as a songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist experienced in indie/rock, jazz, classical, and electronic music, and is available to play on sessions or produce entire projects.                

The studio is conveniently located 5 minutes off of the I-275 loop on the east side of Cincinnati. Scheduling is flexible and includes evenings and weekends. Pricing is affordable and discounts are available for large projects.